Consider Buying a Shower Wheel Chair

For people with disabilities, one of the most challenging aspects of day-to-day care is showering. For those who are able-bodied, it is sometimes difficult to imagine the logistical challenges of bathing that confront the disabled every day. Showering can be risky endeavor for those with disabilities; they face a much higher risk for slipping and falling, and incurring a serious injury. Read More…

Best Shower Chairs

Slippery surfaces in the bathroom are always a hazard, but it’s something we don’t usually take seriously while we are young. However, as we grow older and moving around becomes more difficult, showering or getting out of the shower can become a serious danger. Shower chairs, also known as bath stools, can be of great help in providing independence and a peace of mind to anyone having trouble stepping in and out of the shower. We’ll review 5 high-quality shower chairs suitable for most bathrooms to help you find the right one.
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