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For many people, the best moment in their life is when they stay under the shower and enjoy the warm and high-pressure water that rinses their body. The warm water in the morning and the cool water in the middle of a hot day gives them more than enough relief to make them feel refreshed, energized and rejuvenated. The temperature of the water is controlled by a heater; however, it is the shower head that gives pressure to it.

Low water pressure makes bathing less entertaining and less refreshing. Showers will take more time and rinsing will not be very optimal if the water pressure is too low. Low water pressure is also unable to provide the massaging effect provided by high water pressure. All of those reasons make installing a reliable shower head that can provide high-pressure water necessary.

When you want to buy a new shower head, there are two factors to consider: the shower head type and accessories. Each of them along with recommended shower heads that you should by is to be explained in this article.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Shower Head

So you want to make sure that the shower head you buy is the best for you. Here are some factors that are worthy of consideration.


Based on the way a shower head is installed or used, it can be a wall-mounted, a ceiling-mounted or a handheld shower head. Each type offers specific advantages to its users. Here they are.

Wall-mounted shower head


As a standard shower head for most households in the United States, the shower head is favored because its price is generally cheaper than shower heads of the other types. If all occupants of your home don’t show significant difference in tallness, the shower head can also be a good option because it can be installed just above the head so that its pressure can be perceived by everyone.


A wall-mounted shower head discharges water only from one side—the wall side. If you take bath, you have to turn your body repeatedly to make sure that all parts of your body are perfectly rinsed. If there are people with limited mobility at home, taking bath under the shower head can really be a pain.


Ceiling-mounted shower head


Ceiling-mounted shower head is great because it simulates rainfall. What happens when you are under the rain? Your entire body is soaked, isn’t it? A ceiling-mounted shower head allows the water to reach all parts of your body without requiring you to turn your body a lot.


Because a ceiling-mounted shower head is mounted on the ceiling, which is far above your head, the pressure of the water may not be felt when it finally reaches your body and the water may feel colder than it actually should. To solve this problem, you often have to install an extension arm, which often makes the shower head look ugly.


Handheld shower head


Handheld shower head is better in that it allows you to send the pressured water to parts of your body that are difficult to reach. Because the head is always close to your body, the pressure effect is always felt. This shower head is also great for people with limited mobility.


Using handheld shower head means you only use one hand to clean your body when the other hand is busy holding the shower head. This is usually not a big problem because a handheld shower head can be mounted on the wall.



Some shower heads have luxury accessories that provide you with entertainment and fun during your shower time. They obviously cost you additional dollars; however, the excitement they provide make them worthy of consideration when buying a shower head. The following are some popular accessories that you can have on your shower head.

Bluetooth speaker

For many people, shower time is singing time. If you love enjoying your favorite music when you shower, you should consider purchasing Knox & Music Jet Bluetooth Speaker. Its speaker can last for about 7 hours before you have to recharge its battery. Have an iPod hung near your shower unit when you shower and the unit will be the best place to enjoy an entertaining bath.


LED not only enhances your shower head aesthetically, but also gives you clues about the water that comes out of it. Showerhead SH1026 7 Color LED, for example, allows you to find out about the temperature of the water according to the color emitted by its LED.

For most people, chlorine, which frees water from impurities, is not dangerous; however, for people with some skin conditions, chlorine may exacerbate their skin problem. A shower head with chlorine filter, such as Culligan Filtered Showerhead, keeps the water safe enough for them to use.

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