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There are some homes not installed with the benefits of having enough water pressure; and thus, not all gets to enjoy showering as much. The good news is that there’s actually a solution to this problem. With the availability of modern accessories, you can easily increase the water pressure in your own home. How? The water come from the supply which then goes through the pump, immediately delivering your shower water at a higher pressure. Well, that was easy enough! You just had to add a shower pump to enjoy a higher course of water pressure – and that can be for everyday. The water can pass through a heater and voila! you get warmer water.

In addition, you can level the shower pumps depending on how much you want the water pressure to be; the bars range from 1-4. If the bar’s leveled at the highest number, then the pressure will also be increased to as much. If it’s too much for you, you can lower the bar any time. Level it in your favor. However, showers pumps don’t work all the same for every one; it still depends on how good the plumbing is in your home.

With the special add-ons made available, shower pumps are getting more and more popular among consumers. Since the market is also available online, you can just purchase your item from your own home. Then again, be sure to consult your family and consider your needs before making a purchase. In terms of the bathroom’s interior decor – if you are, for instance, planning to renovate it – you can get an interior designer to help you out.

Types of Shower Pumps

he bathroom is now the place for refuge and renewal – or so people today think so. There are those who take time in their baths, relaxing. While there are others who prefer long showers; unfortunately, for some of these type of people, they don’t have the option of installing a shower in their bathroom due to the weak water pressure in their home. With low water pressure, taking long showers just wouldn’t be as invigorating. For the sake of having a more refreshing shower experience, they will have to fix their plumbing and increase their water pressure.

There are many ways to do this.
Raising the cold water storage. Raise the cold water storage or tank to increase the distance from the water storage and the shower. This ought to help increase water pressure. The only catch is, this would require construction – the platform has to be raised as well, and the plumbing pipes would have to be extended. It’s effective but it surely is hard work.

Installing a Shower Pump. You can also install a shower pump into your plumbing to heighten your shower’s performance. A shower pump runs on electricity. Anyway, once it is installed, it will regulate the water’s pressure according to how you want it. You will have to canvass for the right shower pump before buying one. Refer to your home’s water system and its water pressure to be sure of what type of shower pump you will have to get.

Other types of shower pumps are also available, here are a few:
Singe Impeller – The single impeller has a single driving blade. It is set up just between mixer valve and shower head. Usually, it is installed in homes where water pressure is not necessarily low. It’s basically a plain shower pump with no extra features of any kind. It is also one of the cheapest shower pumps in the market.

Twin Impeller – The twin impeller is the latest model of shower pumps. It is designed with two valves, each of which controls the hot and cold water pressures. This is advisable for homes with water pressures leveling below the 0.5 bar. Other versions of this model include special add-ons like automatic regulating the water temperature and automatic shut down. Too much pressure of either hot or cold water can lead to burns.

The negative and positive head is present in both single impeller and twin impeller. The positive head is used if the cold water storage is beyond the shower level. The negative head, on the other hand, applies vice versa – it can only be switched if the cold water storage is below the shower level.

These pumps can only be installed if there is available water tank storage in you home. If you water system is main fed, do not even attempt to install one of these. Also, if you add the pump on the combi broiler itself, expect higher pressure produced and a shorter life span for your broiler. Having shower pumps does have its advantages but alongside these are its disadvantages. Installing shower pumps in your home will increase your water and electric bill. But what’s a little extra cost in exchange for energizing showers, right?

Things to Consider when selecting Shower Pump

Shower systems are no longer just luxuries today – they are a must. It’s a need. As a matter of fact, it has become one the most important part of the bathroom in the modern home. For UK homes, water pressure is a worrying problem. There are some homes not equipped with effective water systems. These homes require shower pumps in order to answer to its residents needs. If you plan to go and purchase your shower pump, here are some tips:

Consider the shower pump’s bar pressure in relation to you home. Remember, if the bar pressure is high, the water pressure produced by the shower pump will be high, too. And so, don’t forget to check the bar pressure when you browse for your shower pump. Take this for an example: a one bathroom average-sized household would require a 1.5 bar shower pump. Two bathrooms, on the other hand, would need at least a 4 bar shower pump. In addition to this, you’ll also have to know whether these showers boost toilets.

Take note of the different water pressures of a shower pump; after all, not all homes are designed to be fit with a single shower pressure type. Make sure then that as you buy your shower pump, you are aware of its controls, specifically with its water pressure.

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