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Shower screens are getting more popular by the day not just because of the functionality they offer, but also because of how they can instantly change bathroom appearance and overall style with minimal effort and expenses. Thinking of shopping for shower screens can be very tempting especially if you want to make changes in one of the most important rooms of the house. However, a home owner should know that there is more to simply buying a shower screen that looks great online or from the usual store display room.

Best Shower Screens in UK 2018

What are Shower Screens For?

Before one feels awed at how shower screens look beautiful in the showroom, a prospective shopper should first have a clear understanding of the various functionalities offered by shower screens.

One of the most important uses of shower screens is to provide water protection to one or several parts of the bathroom. Shower screens are, obviously, placed in the shower area. Putting one up in a bathroom’s shower area can mean only allowing water from the showerhead to only hit the showering area, and not the toilet area, the sink or even the bathroom cabinets. This means as well that having properly fitted and placed shower screens, the other bathroom areas are well protected not just from water but also from growth of mildew, mold and such.

Shower screens, for many home bathrooms, also take the place of the traditional shower curtain. It is true that shower curtains are a lot cheaper and one does not need to install them. Shower curtains are simply hung from a rod, can be changed and washed, or can even be thrown away after some months’ use. Shower screens are more permanent replacements since they would have to be installed and attached from the walls as well as the floors. One huge advantage of shower screens to shower curtains is that the former are certainly more stylish, more modern and more durable. A high quality shower screen can last for years as long as you have it installed right and as long as you maintain it properly over the years.

How Can Shower Screens and Aesthetics Meet in the Middle?

shower screens One of the biggest reasons why people use shower screens is because they can instantly turn an ordinary-looking bathroom into one that is modern, stylish and classy. With the many shower screen designs, styles and materials, it is easy to find one that is suitable to the look and feel you want to have in your bathroom.

Shower screens can also help give a bathroom the right feel. A bathroom that uses a shower curtain can feel functional, clean as well as comforting. A bathroom with shower screens of the right shape, size and design do not only give your bathroom those qualities but they can also add the feel of luxury every time you step in this part of the house.

Best Shower Screens in UK

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How Can One Choose the Right Shower Screen?

When you get to know the many advantages of having a bath screen, you will probably want to get one for yourself. Updating the overall appearance of your bathroom can be a daunting task. This involves identifying the accessories that will contribute to the look that you want. A bath screen is one of those accessories that can significantly contribute to the appearance of the bathroom. Not only is it useful in keeping the walls and floor drier and less susceptible to molds, mildew, and damages that stem out of prolonged water exposure; when carefully selected, a screen can help exude the ambience that you desire.

As we have mentioned earlier, shower screens come in various shapes, materials, designs and styles. It would be highly advisable not just to buy one haphazardly; it is imperative that you take the time to evaluate your needs as well as the overall effect you want to accomplish once the bathroom screens are installed.

The primary material that makes up a bath screen is glass. Glass as a raw material is in itself versatile, and this characteristic translates to the bath screen. The glass used in a bath screen gives it a contemporary elegant vibe. It may be clear, shadowy, opaque, patterned, or printed with interesting designs. Probably the most preferred bath screens are those that are made of clear glass because clear glass looks good when matched with almost any look and style. The problem with clear glass, though, is that it is prone to acquiring dirt and grime and once it does, it looks dirtier than the other types of glass. Keep this in mind when you are planning to buy a bath screen.

You may also want to consider the price for it can get costly if you do not choose wisely. It does not only provide division for your shower to the other part s of your shower room. Its main purpose is to be a good defense for your wall to get wet with spilled water. It will also keep away mildew from attacking the walls and floor of your bathroom. So it is basically easier to clean.

Another good thing about the bath shower screen is that it occupies only a small space, regardless of design. Bath shower screens can make a bathroom look pretty; at the same time they are extremely useful. In choosing a screen, do not be fooled into thinking that any screen will be as good as the other. A shower screen that is inexpensive is usually not durable, as its rollers wear out fast. It is still better to buy good a quality screens even if it will cost you a little. It can withstand stress better and the tracks work well.

The change in the overall look and ambience that a carefully selected bath shower screen can bring to a bathroom can be truly surprising. Screens with rollers are ideal to use when you have children living the house, but if you do not want to be plagued by problems that often come with the use of rollers, then you can opt to buy screens with hinged doors instead. Screens with doors should be placed in areas where the door will not swing and bang on a towel bar, sink or another door to avoid hastened wear. For those screens with single-action hinge, see to it that the door can be swung in any direction without any hindrances. That way, potential trapping accidents will be avoided. Regardless whether a screen has a door or rollers, it remains a better option than shower curtains because the former is more functional and elegant.

Types of Shower Screens

Frameless shower screen

Frameless shower screens provide users with a collection of options such as using the screen in the open position when showering, especially those called “bi-folding screens”. You can use the screen in other positions to perform different showering tasks such as when you want to take a few minutes to relax in the bath or when you are bathing a child.

Frameless showers screens should be stronger than other types of shower screens. In general, they are made of a 10mm glass because its density is essential to keep your screen safe. In addition, this is considered the perfect width because it does not add a larger appearance to your bathroom.

If your bathroom has a lack of space frameless shower screens can provide you with the perfect solution with their open appeal. There are hundreds of creative models of shower screens that may give your bathroom a bigger appearance. In addition, you will be able to keep your bathroom dry and tidy with the appropriate shower screen.

Folding shower screen

Folding shower screens are available in many styles and designs that are capable of changing the look of your bathroom dramatically. Folding shower screen is most suitable for a bathroom which has limitation of space. There are curved and folded shower screens that can be fitted to the bathroom that has limited space. Although both these types are less stylish, yet they give a totally different look to your small bathroom.

The folding shower screens can be fitted conveniently to any small bathroom to give it a different look. Folding shower screen involves a little maintenance and is easy to clean in their original position. You can clean folding shower screen with a quick spray of surface cleaner and an easy wipe down. Folding shower screens also allows more light to permeate the bathroom.

Most people like to have bi-folding shower screen for space saving benefits. Bi-folding shower screens can be conveniently fitted into corners and small bathrooms without occupying significant space for the door to open. This screen is an inexpensive solution for the bathroom needs. Besides this, bi-folding shower screen is available on purchase, rental, extensions and conversions. The sizes of bi-folding shower screen vary from 700, 760, 800, 900 through 1000 mm, so according to the space available in your bathroom, these can be easily customized. Usually these shower screen frames come in white, silver or chrome with clear glass colors.

Cleaning Shower Screen

Shower screens should be cleaned everyday. They are in constant contact with moisture, soap, shampoo and other elements, making them prone to develop grime, dirt, mildew, and molds. These make the glass dirty and spotty and should be removed by cleaning the glass regularly. As with the screen, the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom, such as curtains, doors, and trays, must be cleaned as well. A clean bathroom is both hygienic and nice to look at. The following are some pointers in keeping your screens clean.

One of the first things that you have to do once you have bought your screen is to run a thin coat of wax on it. The wax will repel moisture thus avoiding its accumulation. After about five to six months, reapply another coat of wax on the screen. Although this does not mean that you no longer have to clean your screen, with a wax coat it is easier to wipe off stains that would be otherwise difficult to scrape off in non-waxed screens. When you clean, do clean the entire shower screen and the area, including the shower unit, door, hydrotherapy unit and the rest of the fixtures, in one sitting to conserve your time and energy.

There is a systematic way of cleaning the shower screen set. The mirror should be cleaned first; if there is none, proceed to clean the screen and shower unit. Washing them first will allow for dirt to come off and flow towards the lower areas such as the tray, sink and bath. Then the latter portion may be scrubbed off the dirt from the screen and shower unit. Use baking soda in cleaning your bath screens. Other agents that can effectively clean off dirt are vinegar and mild detergents and commercially available cleaning solutions. After having cleaned your shower screen, dry off the surfaces using a towel. The steps may be repeated when necessary. Use a sponge with toothpaste onto spots that are proving to be really stubborn. A solution made of hot water and vinegar can be used to wash the shower heads. Allow the unit to soak in the solution overnight to clean it better. Do not miss out on the other components of the screen unit as well.

Naturally produced products are not just helpful to the environment. They can substantially cut down on your cleaning. These products usually cost more than their chemically-processed counterparts, but they are gentler to the hands, and are equally if not more effective in cleaning stains. All your cleaning materials and agents should be kept together in a single, properly sealed storage unit. This storage should not, by all means, be within children’s reach. Before starting to use any commercially made cleaning agent, do not forget to go over the product definition and instructions thoroughly. Try not to let the cleaning formula tough your eyes or stay on your skin for a prolonged period of time.

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