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Bathroom plumbing goes for a toss in every household. Unclogged sinks and toilets are a regular feature in most households on a frequent basis. Most of the times, we rely on the services of a professional plumber for unclogging the toilets and sinks as it can make most people apprehensive about what could happen if they try their hand at doing it on their own. Unclogging toilets and sinks is not a big deal if you have the right equipment. Most households flourish on good, reliable cleaning gear. Whether it is mops, detergents for various uses, different brushes for different types of cleaning or even Toilet Plunger, if you have the right equipment for the right job, it becomes easy to handle such cleaning and fixing emergencies in times of dire need.

Calling a plumber every time for a bathroom emergency, even something as basic as unclogging toilets and sinks can leave a big hole in your pocket. Especially when you need the services of such plumbers on a short notice. The bill is usually large for such emergency services. Imagine if you knew how to unclog your sink or toilet, you could save a bundle on the services of a plumber. All you need to do is to buy a regular toilet plunger.

The Right Way to Use a Toilet Plunger

The first step in unclogging the toilet with a plunger is to select the right toilet plunger. Most people make the mistake of using a sink plunger to clean a toilet, without realizing that it is not strong enough to create a suction of required strength. While purchasing a plunger from any hardware store, make sure that the rubber band is a strong one. Some other features to check while buying the plunger is the shape of the rubber and presence of a strong rim around the rubber band. The quality of the rim around the rubber band is extremely important as it determines the strength of the suction created by it. Finally go for a plunger with two to three feet long handle.

To clean the toilet properly, place the rubber end of the plunger on the toilet opening. Ensure that the rubber covers the opening completely and at least half of it is covered by water. Hold the other end of the handle with hand and push it down. Move it up again. Continue to move the handle up and down a number of times to create a strong enough suction. This process needs to be continued for fifteen to twenty minutes to get the best results.

Remove the plunger completely away in one swift motion. Hopefully the clog would have been cleaned and the water will start flowing out. If the water is still stuck in the toilet, then repeat the process all over again. This entire process of plunging repeatedly may be a little too boring.

It is a good idea to flush the toilet thoroughly as soon as the clog is gone. This will clean up the toilet and make it ready for fresh use. Take care to avoid the use of plunger after applying any type of chemical to clean the toilet. If the clogging is not resolved even after plunging for a number of times, then you should go for a professional plumber instead of wasting more time trying to solve the problem yourself.

What To Know About The Toilet Plunger

Toilet plungers are designed specifically keeping in mind the ease and convenience of the customers. With a suction pump on the end of a plastic stick, these toilet plungers come in various materials like rubber etc. The material makes the toilet plunger soft and flexible so that it can be inserted with ease into the drain to create a vacuum which then helps in dislodging and draining out any kind of material or waste that may be clogging up the sink pipe or toilet.

Ideally every household should have two toilet plungers. One toilet plunger for the toilet drains and the other for various sinks in the houses. Once a toilet plunger has been used to unclog a toilet drain it should not be used for any other purpose except for unclogging the toilets as no matter what such equipment will carry the bacteria to other parts of the house. Another thing to keep in mind while storing a toilet plunger after use is to make sure you store it in a proper holder instead of leaving it behind the commode or on the floor. This can cause the bacteria to spread through the floor and can cause serious illnesses in the house.

Evolution Of The Toilet Plunger- From The Old Stick With A Rubber Vacuum To Technical Devices For Sanity Use.

Toilet plungers have come a long way from the old rubber vacuum on a stick material. Today, toilet plungers are available in various shapes and size not to mention the material. The trajectory of the toilet drains is usually tricky and requires a flexible toilet plunger for effective use. This is why today, toilet plungers are found in flexible materials like rubber etc which allow the plunger to bend and move inside the drain slowly without breaking at the hilt. Toilet plungers also come with a safety holder for after use purposes. Since they are sanitary equipment, they cannot be left unattended, thus after use toilet plungers should be replaced into the toilet plunger holder for easy and safe storage.

Buying a Toilet Plunger

Buying a good toilet plunger in UK is not an easy task and it takes lot of care and observations to many aspects before purchasing the best toilet plunger.  There are basically three types of plungers namely: a cup plunger, an accordion plunger and a flange plunder. Each design is best suited for a certain use and hence you may end up buying more than one plunger for your home.

Toilet plungers comes in different range, both in terms of quality and price. If your solution is to buy a plunger that will get the job done quickly and efficiently, then you need to know what type of plunger you need. For specific settings and toilets, you may need a large plunger, a small plunger, a heavy duty plunger or even a professional power plunger.

Also a good toilet plunger that does it job perfectly may not be the best looking, and the reality is that they are not built to look stylish. However, there are many great plungers on the market that could compliment any bathroom decor but remember that a plunger is just a simple design that consists of a plastic/wood stick with rubber suction on one end. Therefore, that is all it takes to make an efficient plunger.

Save Money On Plumbers By Buying The Right Equipment

When it comes to bathroom emergencies or situations like clogged toilets that can leave you in a fix, thinking smartly can help you save a bundle of money for no extra effort. With the right equipment, unclogging a clogged drain is no rocket science. Why pay a plumber heavy amounts of money for something that can be done by you in a jiffy? All you need to do is to invest in a good Toilet Plunger with a storage holder and such bathroom situations will not make you break in a sweat. While it may seem like a tricky job with fears of doing more damage than good, toilet plungers are usually helpful in times of minor emergencies as clogged drains and are quite simple to use as well.

There is nothing more frustrating than finding you toilet clogged when you really need to use it. There are many ways that you can try to unclog a toilet. It depends how a toilet is clogged and to what extent it is clogged. You can read the methods listed here to learn how to unclog a toilet. This can really help you save time and money. In case your toilet is really clogged and none of these methods work, you will have to call a plumber to fix it. You should call the plumber if all of these methods fail to work for you.

I am giving a brief overview on methods for unclogging your toilet:

1. How to unclog a toilet with a plunger (or plumbers helper): If your toilet is having a mild clogging, you can easily unclog it with a plunger. You need to ensure that your plunger is in good condition and is having a solid seal without any cracks. This is important so as to create good suction which will push and dislodge the clogging in the pipes. As a caution do not use the plunger either very fast or very hard as it may damage the pipes or cause leakages in the pipes. Unclogging a toilet with a plunger works in majority of the cases. In case it does not work, you can try the other methods as listed below. Eventually if everything fails, you will have to call a plumber to fix it.

2. How to unclog a toilet with a wire: You can take wire hanger (used to hand clothes and coats) and straighten it. You can then try to push it inside your toilet to unclog it. Normally if some plastic bag or some other small foreign object is stuck, this method can help. It will dislodge this foreign object and will flush it in the drain through the pipe.

3. How to unclog a toilet with a flexible rubber pipe: In case you do not have a wire hanger, you can try unclogging your toilet with a flexible thin rubber pipe. You just need to push it inside the toilet and pull it out. Pushing it in and pulling it out a few times should fix the clogging of your toilet.

4. How to unclog a toilet with a snake: Snake is easy to use instrument to unclog a toilet. You need to set the tip in the toilet bowl and start unwinding it. Usually it is made up of a flexible material and has padding on its tip so as to avoid damaging the pipes. Keep unwinding it, till will you feel resistance or till it gets stuck. Then rewind it back and clean it if it has pulled up anything with it. Doing this unwinding and rewinding of snake should help you to unclog your toilet.

5. How to unclog a toilet with soap: If cleaning and unclogging a toilet with a plunger, wire or snake is not your cup of tea, you can try this cleaner method of unclogging it with a soap. Just pour some dish soap or washing powder in your toilet. Let it stay there for few hours and then flush it, preferably with hot water. This might just wash away the clogging of the toilet. Note that this method will not work if some foreign object like a plastic bag or small plastic toy or a ball is clogging the toilet.

6. How to unclog a toilet with drain cleaners: Drain cleaners have chemicals and enzymes that eat or dissolve clogging of the toilet. You can pour in the drain cleaner as instructed (on the bottle or pack) and let it stay there for few hours. You can then flush to unclog your toilet. These drain cleaners work in most of the cases, where clogging is not really bad or when no foreign object is clogging the toilet.

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